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A Keyless Lock That Makes Life Simple

Several years ago when we decided to purchase a pool, our backyard security suddenly became an important issue. We were required to have a fenced yard around the pool, and secured access to the pool area. We wanted to keep our backyard locked for the safety of small children, and at the same time have the convenience of easily entering and exiting the yard.

At first, we used a standard padlock. This method did lock the gate, but created several other problems. When we wanted to enter the backyard from the outside, we had to go into the house, remove our shoes, search for the key, put on our shoes and then finally unlock the gate. After all that, we would go back into the house and put away the key. After a while, a simple task of going in the backyard became a frustrating chore in itself. We thought there must be an easier and faster way to get in and out of our backyard, and at the same time keeping the gate locked. We discovered most people either reach over the fence or use a pull rope to open their gate. These methods offer convenience but no security. After checking with some local hardware stores and the Internet, we discovered there was no keyless lock available, which offered two-way access for a wooden gate.

I developed my own gate lock for security and convenience. YARDLOCK has given us added security, peace of mind knowing our gate is always locked, plus two-way access to our yard. It is so convenient that our kids and grandparents use it too. It wasn't long before our friends wanted their own YARDLOCK as well. We know you will enjoy it too! YARDLOCK makes life simple.


Don Wepf